Friday, 20 September 2013


September Painting Challenge - Day 20

"The Village"

Today's painting is a real place! 
A little village in South West of England that is very pretty 
and peaceful 
and very popular with tourists. 
This view attracted me as an artist due to the great 
variety of trees and plants, 
and also the variety of different buildings.
The village is a painter's paradise,
 I am just sorry I cannot tell you exactly where it is,
 I forgot it's name!

"The Village"
12" x 16"
©Jules Art Gallery 2013


Unknown said...

Oh wow! I just happened to be at the computer when this popped up on my blogroll. I love this! :) Thanks for posting it tonight!

Julie said...

Hi Katherine! Thank you so much! It's not quite finished, but didn't want to get anymore behind with my pictures! Cheers!

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